7 tantric sex exercises for maximum pleasure

We propose several positions and practices to enjoy a unique experience.

You may have heard the term “tantric sex . ” If you are not very knowledgeable in the matter, you may think that it is something similar to “Kamasutra”. Actually, Kamasutra and tantric sex has nothing to do with it.

While the first is a book in which a series of sexy postures appear, tantric sex refers to the practice of Tantra, which is an Indian philosophy that increases the sexual experience.

Tantric sex: what is it?

So, in reality, tantric sex as such does not exist, but Tantra exists. And although in the West it is associated with sexual practice, Tantra is a holistic experience with a  Buddhist origin . This practice helps people to be aware of their surroundings and what happens in their own internal energy.

It is based on existentiality and on the “here and now”, that is, in the present moment. Indirectly, this attitude towards life affects sexuality, since a non-judgmental mentality is adopted, in which the person connects with his being and that of his partner.

Tantra allows us to live with greater freedom and helps us develop the senses and the way of loving others . Likewise, thanks to being in the present moment, it is synonymous with emotional connection, it is fusion with oneself and with our beloved. Tantra intensifies the sexual experience because it puts all the attention on sexual practice. The mind and body merge and intensify the sensations and experience.

7 tantric sex exercises

Therefore, to practice tantric sex you need to practice Tantra. And … how is it possible to do that?

Next we help you to experiment with this practice and we present a series of exercises that can help you improve the sexual experience and, therefore, the pleasure derived from this act.

1. The sacred present

The present is undoubtedly the best way to connect with yourself. Putting the focus on the here and now makes our mind is not ruminating, so we can give ourselves more thoroughly. In fact, if we focus on the past or expectations, it is very difficult to achieve not only orgasm, but erection. For Tantra, the only time that exists is the present .

The present is considered a sacred moment. To be able to separate ideas, thoughts, memories and imaginations, it is necessary to open up to the person’s experience and become aware of the place, the situation, the couple’s skin, their hair, their smell … To open the door of the flow of sensations and energy between the two, it is necessary to focus attention on the here and now. This is possible when practicing tantric breathing.

How to do it? Just before the sexual encounter, it is necessary to stand in front of the couple, naked, in front of each other. Tantric breathing is used to calm one’s own and control inspiration and expiration, so that the focus is on the entry and exit of air through the nose. You have to keep your eyes closed and do it for five minutes. When one has controlled his breathing, it is time to connect with the other’s breath and merge both breaths. Then, our partner begins to be someone with whom we connect and enjoy the experience as a single entity. .

2. Eye contact

There are many people who fear looking directly into the eyes of others, but the look says more than a thousand words . Naked against each other, it is possible to increase the connection simply by maintaining sexual contact.

To achieve the connection, it is only necessary to sit naked in front of the couple and decipher what you feel and what you feel. It is about being aware of what is happening in that special moment. Although at the beginning it may be uncomfortable, in the end you will end up undressing your feelings. The rest will happen alone.

Do you want to know how two people behave for four minutes? In this article you can see it: “ This is what happens when you keep your eyes on 4 minutes (social experiment) ”

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3. Control of the chakras (energy centers)

Tantra puts the focus of attention on the chakras, which are the energy centers of the body . This practice favors the energy exchange between members of intimate relationships, which from this philosophy is understood to be six. Three of the man (instinctive-sexual, emotional and mental-spiritual) and three of the woman.

These also contain several centers. For example, the instinctive-sexual is formed by: the root (1st) and the sexual (2nd); and the emotional by the solar plexus chakra (3rd), the heart (4th) and the laryngeal (5th), among others. Each of these points has an impact on the sexual act.

In order to work the chakras, one must turn face down and the couple, then, can perform a massage throughout the body, from the feet to the first chakra, through the 7 main ones. Then, the member of the couple who was face down turns around and the other performs a massage from the crown to the feet. Once the entire body of one of the partners has been massaged, the two change roles. Once you have experienced this massage, you are ready for the sexual encounter.

4. Valley exploration

Tantra is also known as the cult of the feminine . The feminine refers to the archetypal characteristics regarding the life experience of women, in the sense of tenderness, listening, softness and sensitivity, etc. Also, the woman is the creative figure of life, not only for having children, but for the special care she requires in terms of cycles and time in sexual practice.

Tantric man has the predisposition to accompany and lend his essence so that he enjoys. This special attention to the pleasure of women, in turn, will have an impact on their own. To work it, the man must show an attitude of mindfulness and receptive attention towards his partner’s body: Listen to it, perceive it, feel it subtly and in its entirety. The increased excitement of women will also provide immense pleasure for men.

5. Discover the new universe

This point may seem similar to the previous one, but while the former pays attention to the signals that a man receives from a partner, or what is known in Tantra as Shakti, the goddess. This knowledge awakens the consciousness of the male (also called Shiva). But the human body is a universe to discover, and there are different erogenous zones that we can wake up and discover .

To do this, the members of the couple must take a blank page and draw each other’s body both in front and behind. Each one colors the parts of their partner’s body with a different color that they consider are erogenous zones. Then they carry out the comparison of their ideas. At the next sexual encounter, they carry out their discoveries.

6. The different rhythms

Human beings have a great capacity for adaptation and  habituation is something innate in human beings. This makes it necessary to change the rhythms in the intimate encounter with the couple. Everything in nature is changing, and the same should happen in sex. It is possible to use the variety without changing partners . The change of intensities and rhythms increases the energy of excitement and helps to have more intense orgasms.

A tantric exercise that can be practiced is the following. When the members of the couple are in an intimate encounter, they must vary the rhythm and intensity of the caresses, especially in the erogenous zones. This should not only be done in the preliminaries, but also during intercourse. For example, it is possible to perform 6 soft and one deep penetrations. You can also carry out a combination 5-1, 4-1, 3-1, 2-1, 1-1 (where the first number is the soft penetrations and the second the deep ones) and then start the sequence again.

7. Domain of the valley orgasm

There are many people who are interested in Tantra to acquire a domain in terms of the ejaculatory process , because when ejaculation occurs, man loses physical energy and requires time for recovery.

Ejaculation is the result of what is understood as peak orgasm, that of short duration and ending in an explosion of energy. But the domain of ejaculation leads us to the valley orgasm, which consists of the whole body orgasm, which does not advance the end of intercourse because the erection does not give up and the clitoris can continue to be stimulated without discomfort.

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The valley orgasm is key to the greater enjoyment of the relationship. A tantric technique to improve awareness of the ejaculatory moment is the practice of the perception of the previous moment, that is, stop just at the moment when the person is going to ejaculate. After a few seconds, it is possible to return to action. To favor the state of self-awareness, it is necessary to practice  active listening to oneself and detect the pleasant sensations that lead to peak orgasm. First, the work is done alone. When there is a certain domain, then one works with the couple. 

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