Female Orgasm: Tips for reaching orgasm

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Female Orgasm. Many women have problems reaching orgasm, in fact, this could be your case. The reasons that displace the pleasure of orgasm of our sex life are very varied and sometimes even the slightest movement can steal the moment.

We want to help you to always get the maximum pleasure and ecstasy that you deserve and want to enjoy in sex. That’s why we give you this guide to inform you about the causes and the different solutions to combat any problem that puts exquisite orgasms at risk.

Orgasm is the moment of greatest intensity in sexual relationships, because it presents a very pleasant sensation in the sexual organs, accompanied by other physical phenomena (in the woman closes and opens the vagina, and in man the ejaculation or expulsion of semen). But in addition to physical sensations there is usually a psychological satisfaction during orgasm.

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Here we present a series of key points that you should know:

What is anorgasmia?

The anorgasmia is the inability to reach an orgasm, despite having a normal excitement phase that has been caused by a stimulation also normal in intensity, duration and time, with the emotional and physical conditions to achieve it.

– Why I do not reach orgasm?

The climax is something difficult to achieve. But if you learn to correct certain simple mistakes, you can reach orgasm much more often.

Sometimes, it seems that as your partner begins to finish the race, your orgasm is declared out of play. But instead of feeling frustrated after sex, maybe it’s time to change the odd little thing so that you get the absolute gratification.

– Exercises that can help you

There are certain exercises that are done specifically in order to enjoy, improve, give and receive sex better.

This type of exercise can be carried out either during sexual intercourse, before this during the previous games or at any other time of the day to be ready when the sexual encounter occurs.

– Multiorgasms

Multiphasic pleasure Multiorgasms or multiple orgasms are the Holy Grail of sex. Technically, they occur in succession, without a complete loss of sexual desire in between. Women were blessed with the ability to have multiple orgasms almost naturally. But not many men are aware that, with the right training, they can also experience them.

– Female ejaculation

Extending pleasure … On the subject of female ejaculation there is still some debate as to whether or not this expression of female arousal exists, which is believed to be caused by a release of fluid from Skene’s gland. This gland, located inside the urethra, is similar to the prostate in men and produces a fluid whose chemical composition is similar to the prostatic fluid (which is what makes up mostly semen).

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– Female masturbation

Masturbation is the most complete technique to combat problems with female orgasm. Through female masturbation, women have the possibility to discover the most sensitive and pleasant areas of their bodies.

By learning to know and stimulate themselves, women will not only achieve more pleasure through self-stimulation, but they will be able to educate their partners to know and stimulate these points.

– Sex games

Sex games can be considered as another tool to make both enjoy sex fully. These games allow both body and mind to focus on pleasure, making it more intense, exciting and entertaining.

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