The best sexual positions for women

Just as there are sexual positions preferred by men, there are also ideal sexual positions for us and for a great reason: they help us reach orgasm yes or yes.

If you want to reach the climax more easily and have more intense and unforgettable orgasms, what do you expect to continue reading and to know the best sexual positions for women?

1. Missionary

A minimal variant of the missionary’s classic position is guaranteed pleasure for women. What should you do? Lie on your back, with a cushion under your back so that your hips are higher and raise your legs using the shoulders of your partner as support. This position helps us to have a more intense orgasm because the penetration is deeper and manages to stimulate the G-spot, also the fact of holding the legs up increases our sensitivity.

And if we then lower our legs, the best comes, because having the hips aligned with your pelvic bone, the clitoris rubs directly with the penetration.

Stimulation of point G, first; clitoral stimulation, then, deep penetration, face-to-face contact with him … All said to prove this position!

2. The doggy lying down

We already know that the position of the puppy is one of the most passionate and exciting, but we can make it even more orgasm-friendly with some novelties. For example, instead of four supports, lie on your stomach, raise your butt a little and let it penetrate you from behind. Your boy can be on top of you – be careful if you are skinny and he is very big! 😉 – or lean on your flexed arms.

The secret of this variant of the position of the puppy is that it allows a penetration with greater friction and at the same time you can stimulate your clitoris against the bed.

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3. Lying on the table

Having sex in other parts of the house other than the room generates an interesting adrenaline that can help you reach orgasm quickly. A highly recommended position is … on top of the table! It should be a large table where you can lie down and reach the height of your partner’s hips.

Lie on your back, placing your butt on the edge of the table, while he penetrates you standing up and leaning against your hips. Why is this position a success? Because the penetration is done at a perpendicular angle and it hits the clitoris and because your boy has his hands free to caress your body. Another secret to an intense orgasm is to squeeze and lift your butt, as it increases the tension in the pelvis and accumulates more blood in the area ..

4. “The scissors” sitting

This is a sexual position for the perfect woman. Your boy should lie down with his legs slightly bent and you should turn slightly to one side and lean against one of his thighs. As you are up, you control the speed, depth and angle of penetration, and being located between his legs, you can also rub the clitoris to your liking against your body.

5. Woman on top of back and feet supported

The position of the woman above is our favorite because the penetration is under our control and we manage it at ease, at the same time allowing the clitoris to rub up to orgasm.

However, there is a variant that has this benefit and more for maximum pleasure: you have to stand with your back to him, sitting, with your legs flexed and together and resting your feet on the bed. With the legs together, the sensations are more intense and in this posture you also stimulate point G; what else do you want?

Well, girls, these are the sexual positions that we can not miss. I hope you have noted them and mainly, that you put them into practice! Which one do you want to try first?

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